What is sinister rex?

The place for illustrations, designs and creative work by Nick Leffler.

Taking inspiration from all things science fiction, horror, history and popular (or not so popular) culture; Nick comes at you with a voice striving to remind you that humans are legendary; our stories more so, whether they be stories of monsters, ghosts, other assorted folklore rooted in fact, stories from our past, both recent, not so recent and really not so recent or totally fictional stories meant to teach us about ourselves when we take a break from all the other things life throws our way.  Stories are how people survive. Nick, (I mean, me? I’m writing this so *maybe* its time to drop the third person routine) I want to provide you with art that leaves an impression; incorporating elements of past styles with my own personal aesthetics to create a definitive and attention grabbing vibe that benefits your projects and/or displays while also telling your own personal story.

Thanks for stopping by. Explore my shops, say hello and if you’re looking for someone to collaborate with to create something that wows your customers, clients or someone you care about, I’m a click away.